Have an Old Car You Want to Sell? Get More Cash for That Car with These 5 Tips

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Around the planet, every year, nearly 27 million cars get to the end of their useful lifecycle. These card are usually recovered and the metal and other materials are recycled. Nearly 80% of most cars and trucks can be recycled. Aluminum is the material that is most often recovered from these cars. Almost 90% of any aluminum from a car or truck can be recycled. This accounts for about half of the scrap from cars but it represents only 10% of these vehicles’ weight. If you want to get more cash for cars, here are some tips to help.

  1. Get the title. If you own the car or cars that you want to sell, you need to be able to show that you are legally able to do so. No one is allowed to buy cars for cash for anyone but the person or entity that owns them.
  2. Determine the value of your vehicles. Look over your cars or trucks for damage and see how much damage has been done to it. You can then look at the Kelly Blue Book to see how much it is worth. When you talk to companies and establishments that pay cash for junk cars, you will need to have this. You will also have to be able to answer a number of questions about the vehicle you want to sell. These will include, how it runs, what damage it has to it, and what kinds of work you have had done on it. If you can get it running, you will get more cash for it. If they have to come get your car, they may charge a fee.
  3. Get some quotes. When you are selling your older cars and trucks, you need to shop around. If you do not have a lot of places in your town or city that have places that give cash for cars like yours, you may want to look at cities near your location. You may have more options and get better prices for your vehicle. It really pays to talk to several scrapyards as they can offer very different prices. At the very least, you should call and ask about the make and model of the vehicles that you have.
  4. Bring your car. If you can drive the car in, that is your best bet. If the car or truck cannot be driven, you can tow it in. Most places will give more cash for cars that they do not have to pick up. Do not forget to bring the title with you to the scrapyard. Even if you have showed them the title once, the people at the scrapyard will not pay cash for cars without seeing the title.
  5. Pay attention to lemon laws and other rules and regulations that govern car sales. The last thing you need is to go to a place that will give you the right cash for cars and then get yourself in trouble by breaking the law. There are several laws that you need to heed. There are very good reasons these laws are on the books. They go a long way towards protecting consumers, including you.
    • Check with your state. Every state has its own laws for what kinds of cars can be sold. These do cover cars auto salvage. There are some states that have a separate set of laws for cars that are being sold for scrap. Checking before you get cash for cars is your best plan. These laws may also impact how much can be refunded under the state’s lemon laws.
    • Check for laws for private buyers. There are often different rules for private car buyers, before you sell you car, look into these. There may be rules and regulations that define a private buyer and differentiate between a private buyer and a dealer.
    • Do not tamper with the mileage. This is against the law everywhere. Car buyers, especially professionals, check for it. Just do not ever do this. You will get yourself into trouble that you do not need.

Many people go to salvage and junk yards to get parts, you can go to get cash for your vehicle.


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