Why You Should Buy a Used Car from a Local, Independent Dealer

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How do you ensure that you have the best car buying experience? While many people don’t like visiting big-name chain dealerships, that’s likely where you’ll find the car that you want when browsing. Technology and people, especially millennials, have completely reshaped the car buying experience today by moving the process online. Many people, however, prefer to browse in-person, test drive the vehicle to make sure it’s what they want, and drive away with the car soon after.

Auto sales can be shifty, especially for those who are inexperienced in the buying process. To combat this, try buying from your local used car dealership. Without the shiny floors and tapered suits, used auto dealers are less intimidating, causing less stress on the buyer.

Local, independent dealers draw clientele due to lower-priced cars. Many of these vehicles are not found in a traditional dealer’s inventory because of the vehicle’s age. In a used car lot, a customer can have a larger selection of vehicles in a larger price range.

Specialty used car lots often carry one type of car in particular, so if you’re looking for a vintage version of a specific make or model, you’re likely to find it through an independent used auto dealer rather than the maker themselves.

Local, independent dealers are also more likely to be willing to make a deal. They can explain any work that’s been done on the vehicle (they may have even done it themselves), and they can negotiate a price that’s agreeable. They aren’t worried about selling loans with high interest rates or making commission. If they’re the sole owner of the used car lot, they’re more so looking to make a good return on their initial investment of the car, and to carry vehicles that the public wants.

The inventory of your local used car dealer’s lot is likely different that what it may look like were it in another town. The dealer read’s the tastes of an area’s residents. In the south, trucks might sell better, while cars with better fuel economy may be better sellers on the west coast.

If your local dealer doesn’t carry the car you want though, it’s easy to talk to them about potentially finding one.Since used car dealers have connections with other sellers, as well as the ability to fix a car up to sell, they may be able to keep an eye out, and will be more inclined to do so if you express interest.

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