When Was the Last Time You Had the Oil Changes in Your Car?

At the beginning of last week you thought that the only car maintenance item on your list was going to be an oil change for your car. After your 17 year old daughter hit a pothole and bent the rim of the front passenger side wheel of her car, however, the oil change became priority number two.

Car maintenance, especially in a family with four cars, can seem like a never ending process. From reminding your teenage drivers to immediately pay attention to the check engine light indicator to addressing the various other car repair and maintenance needs, it is always important to make sure that you are doing everything within your power to protect the vehicles you drive.

For most Americans, a car is the second largest investment ever made. Only behind purchasing a house, it is important to make sure that you are following manufacturer’s guidelines about basic oil changes and other recommended tune up services. Fortunately auto repair shops offer a number of services at an affordable rate. Finding the right place to go for these services, however, will definitely affect the kind of service that you get, as well as the cost.

Are You Happy with the Auto Repair Service Location That You Visit?
One of the reasons that car dealers are so intent on getting their new car buyers to come in for their oil changes and other needed maintenance is that these services are very profitable. If a dealer can create a loyalty program whereby all of the maintenance on a new car that they sell comes through their shop, they can budget for profits and increase the likelihood that any new car purchases will happen at the same location. For this reason, there are often many incentives offered to new car buyers to make sure that they will come to the dealer for any and all maintenance work.

Unfortunately, even with all of these dealer incentives, as well as the vast number of other repair shops that are available, many drivers do not have a good record when it comes to following through on regular maintenance. In fact, 10% of all drivers have a check engine light on at any time, and, even worse, 50% of those drivers ignore the light for more than three months. Sometimes because of the cost, sometimes because of the inconvenience, there are often too many times when vehicle owners are not doing everything that they can to maintain the value of their car. Even more unfortunate is the fact that mechanical failures are a factor in 12% to 13% of all auto accidents.

Whether it is an oil change or a damaged wheel caused by a pot hole, every maintenance and repair event should be addressed immediately so that you can protect the second biggest financial investment you will ever make in your lifetime.

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