What types of modifications can be made to your Subaru?

Creating the car of your dreams is one of the most popular fantasies among all car enthusiasts. There are so many different modifications that can be done with the body to make it look amazing. Subaru body kits can create the sleekest and most modern looks on the planet. There are even more modifications available to increase the performance of your Subaru. Whether you like to drive fast, drive far, or get greater fuel efficiency you can do a number of different subaru sti performance parts to increase performance in each category.

Increasing the speed of your vehicle is always one of the most popular modifications. There are hundreds of subaru sti performance parts available today. If you are hoping to make your Subaru WRX STI the fastest it can be, a brand new turbo and a whole slew of other improvements can put the WRX over and above 500 horsepower. You can install a cold air intake into your Subaru’s engine to increase power. These Subaru aftermarket parts are a popular choice for many motor heads around the world. Another great way to increase power and speed is to reduce the weight of your vehicle. You can go through the entire engine and replace bulky parts with smaller, lighter parts to reduce the amount of drag the car creates. Many drivers that like to go fast don’t drive with passengers or other cargo so removal of the extra seats can take a large chunk of weight out of the car. Try not to drive with a bunch of useless junk in your trunk as well because any other weight will just be slowing you down. You can switch your glass windows with acrylic to reduce a large amount of unwanted weight as well. Making these changes can create a more aerodynamic car and help the engine use more power.

The onboard computer system in vehicles now a days have many different systems in place that maintain speed and keep your vehicle from going as quickly as you would like it to. There are Subaru aftermarket performance chips that can hack into the system and override any factory settings. If you replace your factory chip with a new one you can use it to boost engine power. Switching the exhaust system on your vehicle can also amp up the vehicles speed and performance. Engines work better when the air flow is maxed out and pushed to it’s limits. You can install a supercharger or turbocharger to boost engine power by up to 50%. These subaru sti performance parts are all you need to increase your speed and engine performance.

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