Used Car Or New Car? The Most Popular Choice Among Today’s American Families

Thinking of adding a Jeep to the family? You’ll want to brush up on your new car dealer know-how.

A lot of families today are upgrading their household to be more welcoming to an active lifestyle. Going out for lengthy camping trips, enjoying long excursions near the hiking trail, your Jeep is designed to go just about anywhere. Choosing the right one is all a matter of determining what you want to get out of your trip. Do you want a vehicle that can tear up the dirt road with little to no trouble? Are you interested in outright replacing a single-passenger vehicle?

Check out the list below and get yourself caught up so you can buy the perfect addition to your garage.

The Auto Industry Today

How is the auto industry looking? Back in 2017 the total of new vehicle sales hit a staggering $1 trillion, which should give you some idea as to what you can expect when hitting up the shop for a new car. On the marketing side of things the same year saw the American automotive industry spending nearly $10 million on digital advertising. To put things plainly, Americans are eager for vehicles that are of a high quality and a reliable model that can be repaired or modified at will. You can see this attitude reflected in the most popular cars.

Popular Car Purchases In America

When it comes to the most beloved car, look no further than light trucks. Back in 2016 light truck sales accounted for an impressive 65% of the over 17 million vehicles sold around the country. Coveted for their flexible design and perfect ‘middleground’ (not too big, but just big enough), light trucks are a great choice for families and couples who regularly take to the open road. Auto dealers are all but scrambling to pick up the slack and make sure everyone who steps through their front doors has their preferred options on full display.

Future Predictions For The Car Industry

Light trucks are crazy popular and Americans are ever acquainted with the idea of the ‘perfect’ car. What does this mean for the car industry of tomorrow? Of the over 16,000 franchised dealers in the United States, over 17 million new vehicles were sold. Used cars are also becoming widely preferred for hitting that sweet spot between quality and affordability, for those out there on a budget. Whether you want to see your local Dodge dealer for a new purchase or are considering a used Jeep, you won’t be out of options any time soon.

The Benefits Of A Used Car Purchase

Even if you’ve been eyeing a new car dealer for some time now, you might be interested to know about the benefits of a used car. While you might be tempted to think a used car will be of an inferior quality, the fact of the matter is quite different. Each and every last used car goes through a rigorous testing process where the inside and outside is held to a high enough standard to sell. In fact, it’s been found the majority of cars on American roads hit an average of 11 years old! Your local dealership will be stocked full of new and used models for you to browse at your leisure, so it’s time to get to it…

Picking The Perfect Jeep For Your Family

Which Jeep will suit your family best? Between private-party and dealership sales over 40 million used cars exchanged hands every single year. A used Jeep can give you that perfect blend of flexibility and affordability you’re craving, especially if you have a lot of trips to look forward to. Make sure to find a Jeep that’s roomy enough for several people, as you also need to carry equipment to your hiking trail or campsite of choice! The Jeep Grand Cherokee remains a popular choice, though you can’t go wrong with the Ford Escape for sheer size.

Your local dealerships are ready to give your next trip an upgrade. Are you ready to shop for a used car?

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