Use This Five Item Checklist Before Having Your Car Shipped

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Shipping a car is not something that many people have to do very often. Therefore, when people do need the service of auto transport companies, they may be concerned about approaching the situation correctly to minimize the chances of something going wrong. To help you in this goal, here is a checklist that you can use once you have chosen a company. Adhering to this list will make the auto shipping process simpler for you, and easier for the company.

  1. Choose from the available car shipping companies early.
  2. Auto transporting companies can make miracles happen when a car needs to be moved right away, but you are going to get a better deal on shipping if you give the company as much time as possible to schedule your shipment. Additionally, vehicle shipping has its seasons in the same way that some sales are better at certain times of the year. Auto transporting companies are much busier in the summer, so you are likely to pay a premium if you need a car moved in the summer months.

  3. Double check the insurance.
  4. Auto transporting companies are required to have insurance for their business, so that if an accident occurs you will not be left to foot the entire bill. However, it is your responsibility to double check that the company you have contracted with has the insurance that they say they do, and to find out exactly what events are covered so that you can purchase additional insurance if it’s necessary.

  5. Compare your shipping options within each company.
  6. How much you will pay for vehicle shipping might depend on the day, time, pickup and drop-off location, what kind of transportation you choose (open carrier vs. enclosed carrier), and whether your car is shipped alone or with other vehicles. If you want cheap car transport, you may have to be flexible in your plans.

  7. Understand your responsibilities.
  8. Auto transporting companies have recommendations for how to prepare a car for transport. Make sure to learn exactly what your contracted company requires so that you can contribute to the safety and efficiency of the shipping process. You may have to empty your gas tank, remove antennas, and empty your vehicle of personal belongings. Make sure to inspect your vehicle for damage both before and after having it shipped.

  9. Get an extra pair of keys made.
  10. Did you know that the Department of Transportation requires that the vehicle carrier has a set of keys to your car, and that you as well have a complete set? Be sure to leave time to complete this step.

If you wanted to drive a vehicle across the country yourself, it would cost at least 2,200 in fuel. Contracting with a vehicle shipment company is a much more cost effective, and safe solution. To keep the process safe, efficient, and affordable, be sure to use this checklist. Find more on this here.

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