Unique Ways to Brand Your Business

Business car graphics

In the course of an average workday, it is easy to get swept up in daily tasks. What is becoming more important in the business world is branding. The days of a company’s impact is slowly changing over to being called brand awareness. You want to have as high of a brand awareness for your company as possible. Thinking outside of the box can add both decorative value and brand awareness to your business. In this post, you will learn about a few unique ways to brand your business.

  1. Custom Branded Artwork: Office wall branding can come in many different forms. You can always use wall space as opportunities to establish a little more love for your brand. A wall graphics company can come up with many solutions that aim to meet your requirements. Your employees will also enjoy having a bit of artwork around the office. A recent study found that workers who were in highly decorated workplaces showed a 17 percent increased in productivity, compared to those in other offices.
  2. Vehicle Wrapping: Branding your company doesn’t always have to end at the office. In addition, to office wall branding, placing a logo on a vehicle works well. In companies where vehicles are used for staff, vehicle wraps are a great branding solution. It is likely that company vehicles are driven on countless major highways. It is wise to use every possible solution to brand your company.
  3. Office Murals: Sometimes, office artwork is not enough to convey your message. Office artwork doesn’t have to stop at a framed piece of work. You can choose to brand your office with a large mural. These works of art will be quite larger than a piece of artwork. However, an office mural can transform a drab wall of a meeting room to one happening place to be at the office. A study showed that 64 percent of men and 73 percent of women stated workplace design as having a large effect on their day.

In summary, there are many ways to brand an office. Office wall branding can extend to both artwork and large murals. In addition, company branding doesn’t have to stay within the offices. Vehicle branding, whether it be boat or car, can be seen by many eyes. Branding can have a positive impact on your employees. Another survey on what make happy brought on interesting results when surveyed about the impact of artwork in the workplace. Of those surveyed, 78 percent said art reduced stress, 77 percent said it encouraged opinion sharing, and 64 percent reported increased creativity.

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