Three Ways to Ensure the Future Value of Your Car

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The American life has been forever changed since the introduction of the first widely affordable automobile, the Model T, over a hundred years ago. The average American household has nearly three cars today and the automotive industry continues to drive new car sales forward with the latest in new car tech and luxury. Ensuring that your automobile remains on the road is an exercise in good car ownership that requires continual attention to maintenance schedules; here are some ways to increase the life, comfort, and value of your car.

Regular Maintenance

Some people’s idea of regular maintenance includes making repairs as they are needed — with proper vehicle maintenance many car owners can avoid the need for such costly repairs in the first place. The long-held model of having your oil changed every three months or 15,000 miles is now being contested as newer models are able to use oil more efficiently; in short, there are too many variables between crude and synthetic oil in the first place to really establish any rule of thumb. Oil changes, transmission flushing, belt changes, and other elements of regular maintenance ought to be concisely covered in the vehicle’s owner manual and ought to be referred to regularly.

Protecting Your Car

The internal mechanisms that drive your car forward ought to be the priority for any car owner, but this is not to say that the exterior of a car is without value. A clean, attractive car simply sells for a more significant price than a worn down one. To preserve the original paintjob of their vehicle and help protect their vehicle from damages, many car owners choose to install a paint protection film known as a clear bra. A clear bra takes between an hour to four hours to install typically and can help protect the exterior of a vehicle for up to 10 years.

Protecting Yourself

Given the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, it makes sense to have things like the radio to entertain, heated seats to keep us comfortable, and air bags to keep us safe. One of the greatest threats to our health comes in the form of UV radiation that has been known to cause skin cancer, early aging, and other skin disorders. Car windshields are partially treated to filter out UV, but side windows let in around 63% of the sun’s UV radiation. Thankfully there is some car window tinting that can block up to 99.9% of UV rays when properly installed with automotive window tinting services. Car owners that consult with professional automotive window tinting services are able to keep their cars significantly cooler during the summer and are able to protect their families from the sun’s harmful rays. For those looking for a safer, more comfortable driving experience, contact automotive window tinting services in your area.

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