Things to Know Before Buying an Electric Car Charging Station

The technological revolution being experienced in the word today has seen an increase in the manufacture and use of electric cars. Truth be told, things never used to be this way. It would have been expected that the automotive industry had reached its peak after the invention of hybrid vehicles but there is every indication that we will soon have thousands of electric cars on the roads. One of the main advantages of electric cars is that they are effective in terms of reducing environmental pollution through the emission of fuel-gases as well as reduce the overall cost of fuel. This is the reason why electric cars are seen as a more Eco-friendly mode of transportation. When you buy an electric car, one of your greatest dilemmas is regarding the charging station. Although there are various publicly accessible charging station for electric cars, there are major benefits that accompany you having your own electric car charging station. It doesn’t matter whether you want a personal electric vehicle charging stations for sale or looking to acquire commercial charging stations. Even without getting too technical with your choice of commercial charging stations, you need to at least have some basic understanding of how commercial charging stations and why you are choosing a particular ev station over the other. Considering that there are many ev charging companies manufacturing commercial charging stations, below are some of the key factors you should consider when choosing best commercial ev charging stations.

Know the Type of Charging
When trying to choose the right commercial charging stations, one of the things you are required to know is the type of charging. This way, you can know what to expect in terms of the charging speed and the duration for the vehicle to be fully charged. There are three main types of charging levels for commercial charging stations. The first one if the level one charging that takes approximately 22 hours for the vehicle to be fully charged. This would be ideal for an individual with a single electric car but would not be viable for commercial purposes considering that it takes longer for the vehicle to charge. The other level is level 2 charging that is relatively faster compared to level one. The output of level 2 chargers is 240 volts and allows for energy regeneration. When you buy an ev station that has level 2 output, such a station will require installation. The last type of charging station is the DC fast charging station which can charge the electric vehicle up to 170 miles of charge in less than 30 minutes. This is ideal for commercial purposes as the wait period is less and it has the capability of charging multiple vehicles in a period that is almost similar to a bathroom break. What makes the DC charging unique compared to the other two is that it uses direct current as opposed to alternating current.

Indoor or Outdoor Use
When buying an ev charging station, another thing that you should take into consideration is whether the station is best suitable for indoor or outdoor use. For private vehicles, you are better off with an indoor charging station that you can use conveniently especially since such stations are portable allowing you the much convenience needed to charge your electric car. When it comes to commercial charging stations, these will most probably be outdoor stations that require to be installed strategically in places that are easily accessible. This way, you can make the best out of the charger based on its intended use. For most people, the concept of electric cars is still relatively new but choosing the right charging station should not be a problem as long as you know what to look for in the right ev station. If there are some things that you need clarification about, you can always consult the manufacturer or supplier in order to make sure that you are making the right decision. This way, you will always make the right choice of ev station whether it is for personal or commercial purposes.

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