Long-Term Exposure To Loud Road Noise Can Shorten Your Lifespan Vehicle Sound Deadeners

A cluttered space is an unproductive space. This goes for your home office. It goes for your car.

When your car is starting to get a little too cramped and messy? You really start to feel it. You spend more time rearranging your legs instead of pulling out of the driveway. You struggle with putting away groceries because your back compartment is filled with too much garbage. When your mats are filthy from constant neglect you can even start breathing in the dirt and grime of months long past. Instead of just putting up with your car’s interior make this the year you take control of every single space you come across.

What could new floor mats do to transform your car from the inside out?

The car accessories market today is more than equipped to handle the messy state of your car’s interior. A 2016 study valued the global car accessories market to be at $360 billion, with 2022 expected to boost this number to $515 billion. These range from sound deadeners to stylish trunk mats, among other things, and can be just what you’re looking for when you could use a change of pace. How do you make sure you’re more comfortable than irritated on your next drive?

The United States is known for being a country that loves cars. This translates into multiple industries, with the auto body shop industry maintaining a steady annual growth rate of 2% year in and year out. Home to one of the largest automotive markets in the world, the United States’ light vehicle production has reached nearly 12 million passenger vehicles over the past two years. Some of the biggest issues faced by car owners today are excess noise, a lack of room and inefficient car accessories.

Did you know Americans will spend an average of 85 minutes in their cars every day? That doesn’t even cover the ones that rely on their car to do the majority of their business, in which this number can triple. Noise is a major issue that affects the comfort of many Americans, particularly when experienced in the long-term. A 2016 study provided by King’s College in London found long-term exposure to moderately loud or very loud road noise can lead to a shorter life expectancy. A Swedish study also found the three noisiest cars to be the Nissan 350Z, the Ford Focus and the Citro├źn C1.

This is even before we get into the bacteria you can accumulate over time. The trunk of your vehicle is one of the dirtiest areas you can ever encounter. When you take into account storage, groceries, spills, dust and dirt? That can contribute to a staggering 850 different types of bacteria on just the carpet alone. A recent study found 70% of drivers eating and drinking while in their cars. As you can imagine, this leads to a very dirty environment that only gets worse when you neglect to buy new floor mats or reach out to cleaning services.

Quality floor mats do the dual work of cleaning out your car and reducing excess noise. The two main types of car noise drivers have to deal with are road noise, which you can only affect so much, and engine noise. The car floor mat comes in two material options — rubber or carpet — and both have their uses depending on what kind of lifestyle you lead. For those that are constantly transporting equipment or supplies, a rubber floor mat can prevent moisture build-up while being easy to clean. Carpet car flooring, on the other hand, is perfect for absorbing excess noise.

Your car doesn’t need to be a mess. Try vehicle sound deadeners or rubber floor mats this year and feel the difference every time you drive.

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