Learning How to Replace Car Door Hinges

There are nearly 30,000 parts within a single automobile. These amazing inventions have changed the way people look at transportation. That being said, automobiles aren’t without their occasional problems. One of the most annoying to deal with is a broken door hinge. This means not being able to fully shut the car door of your automobile. In this post, you’ll learn how to replace a faulty automotive door hinge.

  • Remove Old and Faulty Hinges

    The first step is to properly raise the vehicle you’re working on. After the vehicle is safely raised, it’s time to remove faulty door pins. There are various ways to remove these items from an automobile. A door spring compressor works well to take care of this task. You might need OEM tools in order to take the hinges off of certain vehicles. If you were working on a vehicle made by General Motors, you would need a GM door spring tool. You can also utilize an OEM tool cart to keep your items stored safely.
  • Inspect Pins and Brushings

    Next, you’ll need to remove the pin. After the pin is properly loosened, you can begin working on the inner hinge. The goal of this is to eventually loosen inner hinges from your vehicle’s A pillar. You’ll also want to check the brushings. In most cases, vehicle door problems result from brushings being worn down to almost nothing.
  • Install Replacement Equipment

    If you were able to successfully remove old door hinges, replacing these items should be fairly simple. However, it’s important to remember that improper use of work tools causes an estimated 400,000 emergency rooms visits per year. Therefore, it’s always important to remain safe and never rush a job. With that in mind, you’ll now want to install your new brushings. Instead of being forceful with these items, simply use a hammer and lightly push them in. After this, replace the hinges and install them back into the A pillar of your automobile.

In closing, there are several steps needed to properly replace automobile door hinges. This repair job is certainly popular within the United States, considering that this country is home to 300 million automobiles. If your shop regularly does automotive door repairs, it’s important to have the right tools. Therefore, it’s important to partner with reliable tool distributors. This ensures that your shop has plenty of door spring compressors, enabling you to take care of automotive hinge replacements.

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