How to Make Money Advertising On Your Car

Vehicle wraps

Need a new paint job ton your car? Perhaps you have a ride like mine, with old, rusty paint that chips and cracks a little more each day. Recently, I found the answer to my problems. An answer which, surprisingly has made me money in the process of making my car look a little nicer.

Vehicle wrap graphics. Now, you can get vinyl vehicle wraps for either decoration, or as a money making opportunity. Car wrap advertising can actually be rather lucrative. I pay all of my gas expenses, as well as insurance payments from the money I receive advertising for a brand with my full vehicle wrap.

This concept is known as transit advertising, and it accounts for 19 percent of all outdoor advertising. In fact, 95 percent of Americans claim to be reached by vehicle wrap graphics, as they pertain to marketing. Pedestrians are the main demographic of such advertising, so using vehicle wrap graphics in a bigger city is prime.

Even if your car is not busted, maybe this is an attractive possibility. Vehicle wrap graphics are made of vinyl, and cause no damage to the original paint underneath them. It is also important to note that vehicle wrap graphics should never cover windows. This creates safety issues due to being able to see properly while driving.

Vehicle wrap graphics are a great way to take some stress off of your monthly bill paying, and you do not have to make any changes to your life. Just drive as you would normally, on your usual commute, but make up to 500 dollars each month in the process! See this reference for more.

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