How to Change the Oil Filter in a Mercedes Benz

In this video, an expert walks us through how to change the oil as well as an oil filter for Mercedes Benz cars. There are a few keys steps to ensure you do this correctly. First, you must have the correct materials and tools to do the job properly.

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You can see which type of oil you need in your owner’s manual as well as the type of filter you should be using. All of this can be bought at your local auto shop. Along with the tools to do so.

You should pop the hood of your Mercedes Benz and locate your oil. During this process, you should be wearing gloves to protect your hands from becoming stained with the oil. Having a roll of paper towels on deck is beneficial as well. You should pull out the oil filter and replace it with the new one, screwing it correctly back in place.

In order to change the oil in your car, you may lift your car up. This can ensure you can get under the hood and reach where the oil is. You must drain any existing oil into a bucket. It is not recommended to mix old and new oil because the new oil will not keep your car properly lubricated.


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