Have You Ever Been in an Accident That Was Caused by Road Debris?

Security takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the trucking industry. From the retractable tie downs for trucks that are traveling cross country to the stake pocket tie downs that are used for transporting new vehicles, it is important to make sure that both products and people are safe. The U.S. auto market sold more than 17 million light vehicles in the year 2017, which was the fourth highest mark in sales history. None of these vehicles will arrive at the their destinations, however, is they are not properly secured.

Unfortunately, 66% of the 200,000 crashes in a four year study by AAA were the result of improperly secured truck cargo. In addition, in the same four year study AAA found that errant debris was the cause of more than 200,000 crashes. With the use of the right retractable anchors and retractable tie downs for trucks, truck drivers, cargo, and other vehicles are safer when they are on the highways and interstates of the country.

Highway Safety Is Everyone’s Concern
When was the last time that you had to travel on the interstate? If you are like a vast majority of Americans, it may have been last Thanksgiving weekend. Whether it is a holiday or a regular work day, if you are on the interstate your safety often depends on the decisions made by big rid drivers. Consider some of these facts and figures about some of the most important road safety issues that have to do with both interstate travel and the trucking industry:

  • Unmarked webbed cargo straps in good condition are rated at a minimum of 1,000 pounds working load limit (WLL) per inch of width.
  • In 200,000 crashes caused by dangerous debris 500 people were killed and 39,000 were injured, according to a four year study by AAA.
  • The theory of the “weakest link” applies to WLL in that if you are using a 4,000 pound chain with a 3,000 pound hook, the system is only as strong as the weakest link, which in this case is the hook.
  • The average price of a new vehicle is $35,309, according to Kelley Blue Book. The value of a car, however, is minor in comparison to the lives that are lost when a vehicle is not adequately strapped during transport.

Being a safe driver yourself is not the only necessary requirement when you are on the road. Your safety also relies on the careful attention that is needed for retractable tie downs for trucks cargo on big rigs that are on the road. With the

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