GPS Tracking Software Gives You Peace of Mind

If you run a company that employs any size fleet of commercial vehicles, using a GPS tracking software platform, cannot only help to save you time and money, but it can give you a peace of mind.

What Is a GPS Tracking Software Platform?

GPS fleet tracking uses tracking equipment to manage the vehicles used in a business. By using vehicle tracking, a manager can gather information on a vehicles location, as well as the drivers behavior, and overall productivity, right from the main office.

Fleet management software is available as a web based application that allows managers to pinpoint exactly where a vehicle has traveled or is traveling, the time of arrival, and the speed driven. In addition, it also project any problems that might be occurring with the vehicle, and it can even display CO2 emissions for the entire fleet. Another huge benefit to having a GPS tracking software platform installed, is that it will track trends related to idling, which can be a bigger problem than you think.

Is Idling That Big of a Problem?

Idling is a big issue to keep in mind if your business operates with a fleet of commercial vehicles. In just 2 hours, unnecessary idling wastes $780 per truck, every year. (Based on a $3 per gallon average cost of fuel.) Additionally, idling can lead to a vehicle requiring more frequent maintenance. This can range from $2 a day for diesel fueled vehicles with normally aspirated engines, to $2.20 for those with turbocharged engines. And, if the vehicle runs on gasoline, the cost can go up to $2.30 per day. Thinking long term, if a vehicle ran a standard of 5 day per week as a work schedule, that could add up to between $104 to 119 per year, on average. If you have 10 or more vehicles in your fleet, that cost can add up to the thousands.

Additionally, a GPS tracking software platform holds employees accountable for their time, and behavior, even when a manager cannot personally oversee them. Without tracking equipment, businesses are in the dark about there a vehicle is, if they’ve been idling, or if they’ve arrived at their destination. With this additional monitoring, you can also know if they are driving recklessly, or speeding; thereby putting the businesses assets in danger. Tracking equipment can also be a benefit to the employees as well, as it is more accurate at logging hours and miles driven, than other traditional methods. This lends itself to assuring that the drivers get paid fairly, without a question of accuracy.

If you are the owner of a business, or even an employee, you should consider the benefits that are associated with a GPS tracking software platform. It can help save your company time, money, and a little bit of stress. If you are able to track vehicle health, speed, location, and even driver behavior, you can get a peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly. It helps to take the guesswork out of managing a fleet of any size. What are your thoughts on GPS tracking? Do you or someone you know already use it in their business? Let us know how it works for you!

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