Four Ways to Make Your 15 Passenger Van Safer

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has revealed that over a period of six years, 1,512 fatal crashes involving 15 passenger vans occurred. Unfortunately, 15 passenger vans are not safe in accidents, and the NTSB has made it clear that it does not recommend the use of these vehicles. If your group can find a passenger bus for sale, you can enjoy a much better alternative, and used buses are fairly affordable. Unfortunately, not every group can afford to replace their van right away. Until that day comes, there are steps you should take to make sure that your 15 passenger van is as safe as it can possibly be.

Your van needs to have its tires checked often for pressure and damage.

Never treat your van tires as you would the tires on a passenger car. On your traditional vehicle, all four tires are inflated to the same pressure, but on a van, the front tires are recommended to be at different pressures than the back tires. Always check the manufacturer recommendation, which is either in your owner manual, or on the door-sill of the driver’s side. Before every trip you should check that pressures are correct, and that there is no damage to the tire. A blowout or compromised handling on a passenger van can result in fatalities.

Ensure that drivers have adequate training.

Large-capacity passenger vans handle very differently than other vehicles, especially when they are fully loaded. Require all drivers to have the necessary training to be able to navigate the vehicle safely, reducing the chance of collisions and rollovers.

Mandate the use of seat-belts.

According to the NTSB, an investigation of accidents involving these large vans found that some deaths might have been prevented if the passengers had been wearing seat-belts. Their fatalities were very likely due to being ejected from the vehicle during a rollover. Checking that the seat-belts are in good condition, and requiring passengers to wear them, can help make these vehicles a little bit safer.

Never overload the vehicle.

Carrying more passengers and luggage than a van is rated for can increase rollover rate, which is the leading cause of fatalities in passenger vans, as well as put excessive pressure on the tires. Know what weight your van is rated for, and take care never to exceed the manufacturer recommendations.

If your group is set on only considering passenger vans for sale the next time that it needs a new vehicle, be sure to ask the bus sales group about which 15 passenger vans are safest. Not all vans are built equally, and in recent years, since the NTSB issued a warning about these vans, some manufacturers have taken steps to improve the safety ratings of their vehicles. In the meantime, be sure to follow these recommendations to keep your passengers as safe as possible.

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