Four Things to Consider Before Choosing a Message Signs Manufacturer

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Are you shopping for grid powered dynamic message signs? When your business has need of grid powered dynamic message signs, it might feel like an easy search: choose the provider of grid powered dynamic message signs who charges the least, right? However, if the manufacturer of your grid powered dynamic message signs is under-qualified or not equipped to do their job, the results could be disastrous. It could cost you more in the long-run than it would have cost to just pay more for the right variable message signs manufacturer to begin with.

Before hiring a manufacturer of grid powered or solar powered variable message signs, make sure to take the following factors into account:

Four Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dynamic Message Signs Manufacturer

  1. Compliance

    The purpose you have for your dynamic signs have serious safety implications. If something goes wrong with them and you realize it is because the dynamic message sign provider did something wrong in installation, you could be held responsible for hiring a provider who was out of compliance. The very first check mark on your list of things to look for in a dynamic message sign provider is that they are in compliance and certified by the governing board in your state. This is important to make sure the signs you install function as they should, that they are safe, that they are dependable, and that they are easy to dependable.

    When you verify the compliance of your sign contractor, you need to look into both their physical hardware (such as the construction of the signage, how it holds up in weather, how well the display works, the functionality of the control cabinet, and the monitoring of it), and that the system works well with your software. Any reputable message sign contractor will provide a setup that plugs right into any traffic management systems, if the message sign contractor you’re considering requires customization to make it work, you might want to keep looking.
  2. Customer Service
    Being able to communicate effectively with your message sign contractor is an important factor in running a successful campaign. Before getting into a contract with a message sign contractor, pay attention to how they answer your questions. Do they answer when you contact them, or are you subject to an automated service that makes you go through ten prompts before sending you to a voicemail?

    A great message sign provider will dedicate an account representative to you. Any time you have any questions through the design, installation, and ongoing process of your signage, you have a direct line to have them addressed.

    Using a message sign contractor who provides superior customer service will help guarantee that your project sticks to timelines, that technical issues are resolved immediately, and that you stay within budget. Because your satisfaction matters to them.

  3. Reputation
    There aren’t a lot of providers in the message sign industry. If a message sign provider has a bad reputation, it should be pretty easy to uncover it. And likewise, if your provider has a reputation that speaks for itself, you should have no problem getting glowing reviews from previous clients that they’ve worked with. If you are having trouble getting a hold of any prior clients for the message sign contractor you’re considering, this should be a red flag.

    When you talk to other clients who the message signs manufacturer has worked with, make sure that you look into the service provided from end to end. Perhaps a provider was stellar while collecting specs and installation, but their ongoing maintenance was lacking. Talk to staff who have worked with the message signs provider from beginning to end.
  4. Customization

    Perhaps you find a message signs manufacturer who is really great with products straight out of the box, but how are they with research and development of new products? Perhaps your message sign needs are not an “off the shelf” product. You need something unusual. You want to look into what the provider offers as far as customization goes to meet your unique needs.

    Even if your current needs don’t require customization, this might be something to look into. You don’t want to get invested with a provider that doesn’t offer customization if the need arises in the future.

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