Don’t Get Scammed! Tips For Buying a Used Car

Used car dealership

Are you looking to buy a car in the near future? Car dealers and smart shoppers both understand that no matter how nice the vehicle is, it will depreciate in price as soon as it is purchased. You can look for fine auto dealers in your area, who will likely offer auto financing on those shiny new cars. Or, you can save a little money by looking into your local used car dealerships. Are you unsure what to look for in a used car? Read below for a few helpful tips.

Almost No One Drives a Car From Dealership to Scrap.

Most people buy a used car for their very first vehicle, due to a shortage of funds. And in the typical car’s lifetime, there will be at least three different owners behind the wheel over the years. About 40 million used cars are sold each year at used car dealerships or in private sales. But some people are hesitant to make a purchase on an item that had a previous owner. They worry about the quality of the vehicle: how often was it serviced; how far was it driven; and most importantly, how long will it last?

Important Questions to Ask Before You Sign.

When at a used car dealership, ask about Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. CPO cars have been approved by the maker to be in excellent condition, and are typically only five years old at the most. They are required to meet strict standards according to mileage, maintenance, and performance. If you are concerned about the longevity of purchasing a used car, this is the route to go.

Now if you are considering purchasing a used vehicle in a private sale, there are a few pitfalls. First, anything the previous owner says is suspect. No one, ever, has only used the car to pick up groceries once a week. Try not to fall for that line. Next, ask for the vehicle to be inspected by a mechanic of your choosing, not the seller’s. An impartial inspection ensures that the report will be accurate.

Buying a car can be very exciting. A trip to look at cars, whether shiny new ones or at a used car dealership, can be fun but also needs to be planned. Know what your price point is, what you need in a vehicle, and how it will be used.

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