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Battling the Nation’s Economy and Health Is No Easy Task

Nine years ago, you were spending the weekend with your besties in Baton Rouge living up your newly turned 21 life. Seven years ago, you booked the hotel for your mother’s birthday trip to Georgia just days before you left.
Five years ago, you were preparing to sign on your little Louisiana lake shack and officially became residents.
Four years ago, you were traveling to Alabama for the Fourth of July with a sick little poodle.
Two years ago, you were making a tour of north Alabama and Tennessee after celebrating the wedding nuptials of sweet friends.
One year ago, you were galavanting about Alaska in record breaking heat.
And today, you drove out of your hometown behind a car that looked just like your mama’s, and you completely lost your composure.
Mostly, however, today you hope to have a successful trip to the grocery store. You hope to find the special (more…)

05 Jul 2020