Car Air Quality and Floor Mats

The United States is known as a nation of cars, with sedans, SUVs, jeeps, and pickup trucks being standard vehicles for private owners today. Over 200 million Americans own a valid driver’s license, and many Americans spend a lot of time in their cars. But a car is more than its engine and its wheels; the driver will care about the quality of the car’s interior, and a smelly, messy, or unsanitary interior may make for an unpleasant ride. While dirty floor mats and car carpets won’t make an engine stall or cause a car wreck, car owners are urged to invest in auto carpets, whether basic or ultra plush varieties. Some ultra plush car mats and carpets may be quite nice for many drivers, and make the driver relaxed and make a good impression on guests. When is it time for ultra plush carpets or mats, and what can these ultra plush offer? Even custom mats can be ordered if desired.

Car Interior and Dirt

Cars have air filters and windows to block dirt and pollution, but all the same, cars can get dirty on the inside over time. Responsible car owners will know when their car’s upholstery, carpets, mats, and air are getting too dirty, and know how to handle this. For one thing, driving through busy lanes in traffic allows more pollution to get into the car’s interior, and following diesel cars or trucks admits a lot of air pollutants into the car. Drivers are urged to use carpool lanes, where the air may be 30-50% cleaner since no trucks drive in it. In some cases, the air inside a car may be two to 10 times dirtier than a breeze over a freeway. This can cause some lung, nose, and eye irritation in the driver and for passengers alike. And there’s plenty of time for these noxious airborne particles to irritate the driver, since commuters take plenty of time to drive. American commuters today say that they spend about 26 minutes to drive to or from work, and the median is close to 20 minutes or so. And in busy cities or regions, a commute may take even longer, as much as 45 minutes or so. That’s a lot of time spent around high (or even dangerous) levels of air pollution inside and around the car.

Not only does the air in a car suffer, but so can the mats and flooring inside the car. These mats and carpeting can soak up a lot of dust, particles, and more like a house’s carpet, and they can retain a lot of these harmful materials. Homeowners are urged to watch out for VOCs and dust soaked into their carpets, and car owners may take the same caution for their vehicle’s carpeting and mats. These mats and carpets not only soak up airborne pollution, but are also exposed to dirt and germs when drivers or passengers climb inside with dirty or messy shoes or if they spill food or drinks in the car. Many drivers and passengers eat or drink in their cars, and this may lead to messes that make the carpets and mats ever dirtier. A lot of bacteria may grow and build up in those mats and carpets, even in the trunk where groceries are often put. But this can be fixed.

Car Carpet Care

Car carpets and mats don’t have to stay dirty for long. Car floor mats, if they are worn out or damaged or dirty, can be either cleaned off or replaced entirely. When a person buys a used car, they may consider washing off or replacing its mats right away before driving. Freshly cleaned or new mats may smell nice and look attractive, helping a car look and feel fresher. The car’s carpeting is not so easily removed, but it can be cleaned off at auto shops or some car washes with self-serve utilities. This removed harmful bacteria, removes ugly stains, and can reduce the emission of VOCs and dust from the carpets that may irritate drivers and passengers in the car. Some drivers may visit auto shops and get ultra plush new car mats if they like, and enjoy the luxurious feel and clean surfaces of these new mats.

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