Car Accident Attorneys Have Important Jobs, But So Do Drivers

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Motorized vehicles have made our lives so much more convenient. Time can be utilized so much better these days than those in the past, when a trip across town or to the next town over could take up a significant portion of the day. Having a personal vehicle provides you with the freedom that you crave to move around, instead of relying on public transportation or those around you. Vehicles have evolved over time to provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience, integrating more advanced technology and more environmentally friendly concepts.

However, there is unfortunately a dark side to this invention, and it comes into play far too often. For as many lessons that are given, driving tests that are taken, and patrol cars watching for irresponsible drivers, there are still numerous cases of car accidents, many of which are completely preventable.

When the need for a car accident attorney arises

Of course, there are accidents that no one can foresee or avoid. But so many collisions can be avoided, with the right presence of mind, plenty of driving practice, and by employing the technique of driving defensively. And of course there are the major, obvious factors. Drinking and driving never works out for anyone, and yet people continue to do it constantly. Sometimes people do not even realize just how buzzed they are when they get behind the wheel. This is where it is important to plan ahead and watch out for each other. Other issues that affect today’s drivers include portable electronic devices that take far too much attention off of the road, fatigue for those who are overworked or spend too much time behind the wheel, and plain old distraction or irresponsibility. A car accident attorney will help you get to a resolution of the case, whether you were the one at fault or you were the one taken by surprise by another driver. Seeking legal advice when it comes to a car accident settlement is important, as there can often be a lot at stake. A car accident attorney will protect your rights regardless of the situation, allowing the law to rule but ensuring that each person is heard and each perspective is considered.

Why attorneys stay busy with crash cases

There are many different types of law offices
, and lawyers who specialize in a number of different things. But among the most popular cases are those that involve car crashes. This is no surprise, considering the often lax approach many people take to driving. Drunk driving is a major culprit, of course, and a person who drives drunk is often drunk behind the wheel an average of 80 times before they’re arrested the first time. This leads to an injury occurring every two minutes at some place across the country resulting from a drunk driving crash. Cell phones and other similar devices are becoming just as popular of a culprit these days. Visual manual subtasks, like those that people engage in when using a phone, including simply reaching for the device, actually increase the risk of being involved in a car accident by three times. Fatigue is another major issue, and can be prevalent in the world of truck driving, though it does affect everyone. In the truck driving world, drivers are forbidden by law to drive more than 11 hours at a time or more than 77 hours over the course of seven consecutive days. Yet many truck drivers have admitted to violating those conditions, often as a result of the pressure from certain companies.

There is no excuse for poor driving that leads to an accident. Yes, there are unavoidable situations and inclement weather. But there are far more cases that crashes could have been avoided completely, and we all need to do our part to make the roads safer by being better drivers. Car accident attorneys will take care of your rights, but it is better to protect yourself and others on the road by not needing one in the first place.

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