By The Time 2040 Rolls Around Electric Cars Will Be The Majority Is Your Business Prepared For The Switch?

It seems like there’s a new type of car being released every other day.

You have your classic gasoline models and you have your more efficient diesel counterparts. You have eco-friendly hybrids and you have monster trucks. Which one is actually going to come out on top and start changing the way we look at energy? Look no further than the electric vehicle, starting to see a resurgence in popularity as models get better and people become more privy to the benefits. The EV charging company is going to have its work cut out for it in the coming years, so brushing up on the benefits of charging your electric car at a hotel or resort is very much encouraged.

What should we be expecting from electric car charging stations in the future?

Electric Cars Are The Way Of The Future

What do you think of when someone asks you about the future? The classic view of a future just within our reach are teleportation devices and hovercars, but it turns out progress is already right at our doorstep. A 2017 Bloomberg Report found electric vehicles will make up the majority of new car sales around the world by the time 2040 comes around. In the meantime? Your business will already be seen as cutting edge by providing electric car charging outlet for customers to enjoy.

More Budgets And Lifestyles Can Be Embraced

A major boon of the electric car is how it embraces different budgets, tastes and lifestyles. Plug-in electric vehicles are considered viable for many different groups of people, with over two dozen models commercially available. Today over 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric. Consider how fueling a car with electricity is roughly the same as gas at one dollar per gallon for gasoline. It’s not hard to see why an EV charging company will soon become the hottest ticket in town.

An EV Charging Company Will Bring In More Customers

Electric cars are starting to be sought out more and more by cost-savvy Americans. More people are able to buy them because of their affordability. This simple math means an EV charging solution at your hotel, resort or apartment will bring in more customers than you thought possible. One study found just 80% of households that live within an owner-occupied housing solution have access to a garage or carport. Around 40% of households also live in rental housing. What can you do to turn the tide?

The Environment Will Be Much Healthier

Another reason people seek out electric vehicle charging companies? It’s eco-friendly. Gasoline is notoriously harmful, for both the environment and people, and is fast falling out of favor for its ridiculously high prices. Electricity, on the other hand, is used for a wide variety of applications and is self-sustaining. There are even tax benefits to enjoy for those that invest in an electric vehicle. The United States Department Of Energy offers a federal incentive program that gives up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for those that make the switch.

The Benefits Of EV Charging Solutions

Customers are becoming more eco-friendly and cost-savvy by the day. They want to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck, but they also want to know their dollar is spreading some good in the world. When you invest in an EV charging company you invest in your customers while helping out the environment, creating a positive cycle that will only get more widespread from here. By the time December of 2017 came around there were an estimated 20,000 EV public and private charging locations across the country.

Why not stay ahead of the curve and reach out to an EV charging company this year?

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