Building Your Own Race Car Garage

race car garage designs

Updated: 1/28/2022

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Race car owners typically need to have high-quality race car garage designs that include elements like proper storage, high-quality repair and maintenance options, and much more. If you’re interested in a high-quality race car, you’ll be left behind if you don’t take the time to either upgrade your existing garage or install an all-new one that meets your designs as much as possible for your needs.

If you’re interested in this process, you’ll need to seriously consider the best race car garage designs that your money can buy. Each step of this process will require you to talk to various equipment sales companies who can give you the items you need to keep your facility up and running. You’ll also need to work with an auto insurance company to ensure that you are fully covered from severe issues.

Know How Much Room You Need

When considering race car garage designs, it is essential to know what kind of room your work will need to satisfy you. This demand is significant when you build on your own acreage because you may have a limited amount of space on which you can work and build.

Therefore, it is critical to do a little bit of planning to give yourself the amount of room your garage needs, both on the outside and the inside. Doing so will provide you with the best look and comfort level for your facility and ensure that you don’t run into any complications as a result of this process:

  • Plan the Foundation and Support – You’re likely to build your garage on a large concrete slab, one that will hold it up and keep it strong for years. You need to make sure that this area is supported by healthy soil and capable of holding your garage without shifting. You’ll likely need to talk to concrete contractors about this process to ensure that you get the best overall look for your garage needs.
  • Consider Your Car’s Size – An average race car is probably about 10 feet long and 6-8 feet wide, though this size will vary depending on your vehicle. You’ll need enough room in your garage for whatever vehicle you own, so make sure that you measure out its length. You’ll also need 2-3 feet around the car or more on every side to make access easier for your needs.
  • Don’t Ignore Tools and Other Elements – Tools for race car repair will vary in design and size, but you’ll need as much room as possible to keep them safe. The full amount of room can vary from 5-10 square feet or even more, depending on how serious you want to get with your race car. So make sure that you are ready for this extra size when creating your garage for your race car.
  • Pay Attention to Your Car’s Needs – Every race car is designed a little differently and will have slightly different needs for their maintenance and upgrades. For example, does your car use standard or metric measurements on its engine? That simple detail will affect how well you can upgrade your car and produce many challenging scenarios that may make your garage imperfect for your vehicle.

The overall race car garage designs you implement for your home will include these facets and will provide you with the overall strength and security that you need to keep this building strong. It will also make it a more comfortable and enjoyable workplace and give you more room to work.

Beyond that, it will also help to make it easier for you to add things to your garage that you might not have done otherwise. For instance, this extra room will give you the space to add the various tools necessary for repairing and upgrading your car to keep it as strong as possible.

Install Tools That You’ll Need

When integrating race car garage designs into your overall building structure, you need to make sure that you use the proper tools to keep your garage ready for all its maintenance needs. These tools will vary according to many factors but are typically pretty uniform between each car and manufacturer.

The implementation of these tools will require you to spend good money on their purchase and may also require you to hire a professional to install each to ensure that they are synced to your garage properly. You may also need a professional to check their suitability for your car.

When you take these simple steps, you should have the room to work on your race car and have everything you need to handle these repairs properly. Just a few of the tools you’ll need include these items, which are all available in many NASCAR pit crew garages and stations.

  • Air Gun – When you work on race cars, you’ll likely be changing tires very quickly and need an air gun to get the lug nuts off the wheel. With an air gun, a NASCAR crew team can take off and replace all four tires on a car in under 20 seconds. Obviously, you might not need that kind of high-speed repair for your vehicle. That said, an air gun significantly decreases your repair time and is a significant investment.
  • Air Compressor – All good repair garages need an air compressor that operates smoothly and efficiently. Your race car garage should be no different. A good air compressor will help with your air wrench and many other tools, providing you with the power that you need to repair your car. Typically, a good air compressor needs to be a nitrogen-based option for race car repairs, though.
  • Lifting Mechanics – There’s a good chance that your race car is going to have problems beneath its chassis that need to be repaired. A powerful lifting tool will make it easier for you to correct these items as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Some people may get by using just a jack. But a more powerful lifting tool is also wise. For instance, you may need piano bars to lift the car slightly for some repairs.
  • Wrench and Ratchet Set – Even if you use your air gun to handle many of your repairs and removal steps, you’ll also need a wrench and ratchet set for more complicated repairs. Speed is not necessarily of the essence when you’re not right on the course and need to get four tires off before a racer loses too much space. Instead, you can use your wrench and ratchet set to handle many of these upgrades.
  • Body Repair Kits – The body of your race car may get damaged during extensive driving situations and need repairs. As a result, you’ll need various patching and upgrading equipment that helps to provide your vehicle with the strong body it needs. You’ll also need items for upgrading your electronics and other more delicate aspects of your car, as these may go out and cause troubles with your vehicle’s operation.

Are there other tools not included on this list that you may need for your race car designs? Absolutely. Whether you need them or not will depend on various factors of your race car needs, including how serious you are about this process and what kind of repairs and upgrades you will do on your vehicle, and what damage you may experience as you ride.

For instance, many NASCAR crews use a pit box containing many diagnostic electronics to tell repair crews what is wrong with a vehicle. These computers can make your repairs much easier to diagnose but can be pretty expensive if you’re just getting into amateur race car ownership. Be honest about what kind of experience you expect from your car and suit your garage to meet that demand.

The possibilities here are limited mainly by your budget and your needs and capabilities, as you might not be good at handling some repairs. In situations where you feel uncomfortable with these fixes, you should always contact a professional mechanic to help keep your upgrades as strong as possible.

Don’t Ignore the Basics

Lastly, your race car garage designs need to consider every essential element of garage design to ensure that you have an attractive and alluring look that feels right for you. Focusing too much on the more complex and challenging aspects will result in an uncomfortable garage for your car.

As a result, you need to tweak up a few of the essential elements of your design to make sure that it suits you. Remember: your garage will store your car whether you are working on it or not and needs to be big and comfortable enough to suit its needs. Just a few things to consider here include:

  • Proper Garage Doors – You need the best doors that you can find for your garage. These doors will protect your race car from theft or damage and ensure that they are as strong as possible. Residential garage doors come in many different styles, so talk to your expert to learn more. Your door should be built from the most robust materials and operate both manually and automatically.
  • Overall Strong Structure – Your race car garage will need a vital structure that can withstand various types of wear and tear problems. As a result, you’ll need to contact builders and residential roofing services who can ensure that it is properly handled and in great shape for years to come. Try to purchase the kind of solid materials that you would use on your home.
  • HVAC and Comfort Systems – A good race car garage will need a heating system and a cooling network that keeps the garage comfortable while you work. If you have a system, but it isn’t operating correctly, you may need to work with a heating repair company to get the help you need. Ensure that your system is balanced perfectly to provide hot and cold air around your vehicle’s structure.
  • Comfort and Entertainment Items – Don’t neglect creating a race car garage that includes various comfort amenities like seating, entertainment options like a radio or television, and much more. You want your garage to be a place that you like to spend time because you’re probably going to have to do a lot of work on your race car to ensure that it stays in the best shape possible for your needs as an owner.

Please pay attention to these facets of your race car garage designs and build out from them. For example, you may need renovation experts who can upgrade your structure to meet these unique concepts. You may also need other experts who can provide upgrades to your vehicle in this way as well.

Will you need to build an entirely new structure to handle this demand? Most likely, yes. While it is possible to upgrade your old garage to meet this need, it may end up being too challenging or costly due to the extensive nature of the various upgrades and repairs that will be necessary for your garage.

Ready to Make a Great Garage?

Creating the kind of race car garage designs that work for your needs will require you to fully understand all of these steps and what you need to build a facility that works for your needs. You may need to work with a custom home builder who can create the kind of garage that you want, though some homeowners may be able to get a great design simply by adjusting their current garage.

Whatever the case, it is crucial to make sure that you use race car garage designs that meet your budget and don’t cost too much money. Balancing out the amount of money you’ll want is critical, as you’ll need to pay attention to your bottom line and not pay more than you can afford. That said, you also shouldn’t be cheap and skimp on any details, so a careful and measured approach is needed.

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