A Reliable Vehicle Makes College Transportation Less Worrisome

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That place where high school graduates go to pursue their career interests.
That place where the social aspect of the fraternity parties and football games sometimes conflict with the best laid plans for career interests.
That place where some students realize that all of the hard work they thought they were doing in high school quickly pales in comparison to that second semester of a college chemistry class.
That place where having a reliable used vehicle takes on a whole new meaning.
Are You Looking for a Quality Used Vehicle for Your First Year College Student?
The definition of reliable used vehicle takes on new meaning when you are getting ready to send your oldest child to college. And while many large universities may not allow cars on campus for first year students, on other campuses having a trustworthy car is a must. Less than perfect used trucks or cars may serve their purpose when the young adult driver is rarely more than an hour from home, but parents who send their children several states away to school likely have higher expectations from any used vehicle purchase.
The thought of a young college freshman stranded in the middle of a city far from home because a car will not start can keep parents up all night. The reality of a tire blowout when a student is exactly half way between their college campus and home for Christmas break can leave parents wondering why they did not buy a new set of tires when the mechanic made the recommendation the first time.
Reputable car dealers take on a whole new level of respect when they are the source for a used car or truck that needs to be reliable enough to get a college student to and from class, work, and athletic practices. Consider some of these tips if you find yourself buying your college student a vehicle:
Test drives are essential. A simple drive around the block may not be enough to make sure that a car will do well hours away from home. Considering that the average car on the road is now just over 11 years old, it is very likely that the car you purchase for a college student will have already been owned by at least one other person. Understanding the make and the model of the car will allow you to do internet research and know what kinds of warning signs to look for in any vehicle.
Taking a test drive that involves starting and stopping the engine will give you a feel for how the car runs. Does it, for instance, veer to right indicating a tire balance problem? Does the engine knock when you accelerate? Test drives are a way to get an initial feel for a used car’s performance.
Seek the advice of a trusted mechanic. Reputable car dealers will have no problem with a possible buyer wanting to have their own mechanic look at a vehicle. Americans purchased 16.5 million new autos in 2014, according to the tracking company Autodata, And while new car purchases come with warranties and service agreements, the same is not always true for used car purchases. Instead of taking the word of a used car sales person who works on commission, insist that you be able to keep the car or truck you are considering for a day to have your own mechanic check it out. For a fairly reasonable sum, an experienced mechanic can determine whether or not a car is worth the money.
Check online reports. The internet is your friend if you are looking at purchasing a previously owned vehicle. Even though studies indicate that 84% of consumers want to buy a car in person, there is no excuse for not checking out the VIN information on any car you are buying and finding out as much as you can about the vehicle’s history. Online reviews about different makes and models can be key pieces of information as well.
Take advantage of campus services. Some campuses offer “Check Your Ride” kinds of services on campus before major breaks. Encourage your student to take advantage of these offers and have someone look over oil levels and tire pressures before making the long trek home.

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