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In 1911, a new car company was born. When a Belgium-born race-car driver named Louis Chevrolet teamed up with the then ousted General Motors founder William C Durant to form the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, a new kind of car company burst onto the scene that would change the dynamic of cars for sale on the American landscape.

The first Chevrolet was called the Classic Six and was a premium car with a price tag of $2,500. This model failed to turn a profit, but that didn’t stop the new company. Never give up! That was Louis Chevrolet’s motto and Durant believed it too. Durant soon managed to work a reverse merger to reclaim control of General Motors in1917, and soon after established the Chevrolet model as GM’s affordable brand. This move would take the car company to the top. By 1927, Chevrolet would be the number one selling car in America.

The Classic Six model hit the streets in 1912 and in 1913, the bow tie emblem first appeared as a brand symbol. In 2011, one hundred years after the company was founded, Chevrolet sold 4.7 million cars and trucks. Today, every 6.5 seconds a Chevrolet automobile of some kind is sold somewhere in the world at car dealers who know quality and value.

New Chevy dealers have sprung up all over the world throughout the past 100 years, making new Chevy dealers locally aware of their customer base. In some parts of the United States, for example, more trucks are being sold compared to economy cars. The United States, perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, has a need for a car company as diverse in its offerings like Chevrolet has.

Trying to find new Chevy dealers locally is not as difficult a task as it once was, and it’s getting even easier. With the type of brand name recognition that Chevrolet has obtained over the years, the name itself stands apart as a symbol of American ingenuity and quality. The brand name itself is mentioned in over 1,000 popular songs, and the marketing campaigns over the years have kept Chevrolet in the forefront of car buyers mind’s for decades.

But that would all mean nothing if Chevrolet couldn’t continue to produce quality, affordable cars year after year. That’s what makes a Chevy a Chevy.

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