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3 Easy Ways to Care For Your New and Used Kia

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Kia is one of the leading Asian car brands sold in the United States. Almost three million Kias were sold around the world in 2013 alone, generating a revenue of $43 billion for the company. Korea’s oldest car manufacturer, the company began making bicycles and motorcycles. Kia produced Korea’s first bicycle in 1944, followed less than two decades later by the country’s first motorcycle and ultimately producing the first Korean-designed car in 1992. Today the company runs 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in eight different countries.

Owners of Kia new and used cars alike can rest assured they’ve invested in a car known for its ingenuity – – their slogan is “The Power to Surprise,” after all – – and reliability. Kia, a long with its sister brand Hyundai, rank in the top ten globally for r (more…)

18 Mar 2016