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Why it’s Worth it to Get Your Rim Repaired Three Tire Facts Every Driver Should Know

Rim repair

Which company is the biggest tire manufacturer in the world? Technically, it’s LEGO; they product 306 million tiny tires every year. On a surface level examination, tires seem fairly basic. If you’ve ever had one blow out or get bent in an accident, however, you probably have wished you knew more about what you could do, and what your options are for repair. Here are three things every driver should know about tires and tire rims.

1. Tires are an Important Part of Vehicle Safety

Tires today are reliable, long lasting and safe; however, this hasn’t always been the case. Even in the past decade, 4.5 million tires have been recalled by various manufacturers who realized that their tires had potentially dangerous defects. In 2000, one of the most infamous tire recalls occurred. After realizing Firest (more…)

06 Dec 2013