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3 Tips for Taking a Charter Bus Trip to Toronto

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Did you know that there are over 33,400 vehicles available in the U.S. for charter, sightseeing, tours and more? If you?re thinking about planning a trip to Toronto, why not do it using charter buses? This can be a fun way to travel that takes out a lot of the stress that would otherwise accompany traveling.

Planning a trip, though, means you?re going to need to do a bit more prep than just showing up on the appropriate day and getting into your coach bus. Here are a few tips for getting everything planned.

1. Make Sure Everyone is Ready to Cross the Border

The U.S./Canada border isn?t too intimidating, but it is an international border. Make sure before you leave that everyone has appropriate paperwork (in most cases, a U.S. passport). You don?t want to cross the (more…)

25 Mar 2016