How Can I Take Good Care Of My Diesel Engine?

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What’s the difference between gas and diesel? Ask any car owner and they’ll tell you it’s a pretty big one! With gas prices growing higher by the day and environmentally aware daily habits becoming a common conversation, it stands to reason you should be up-to-date on how to get the most out of your vehicle. Do you change models or brands? How about maintenance? When it comes down to it, you just need to get to the meat of the issue. Your engine is what powers your car and keeps it moving — it stands to reason the fuel you use to power such an engine can mean the difference between a healthy wallet and a frustrated driver.

Gas And Diesel

We all know about the properties of gas. But what about diesel? Studies have shown diesel fuel is a whopping 25% to 30% more e (more…)

14 Mar 2017

Do it Yourself Plumbing Understanding Hose Clamps

Band clamping

A hose clamp is used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting such as a nipple or a barb. There are a variety of styles and sizes available to accommodate the diameter of the hose and the fitting to which it will be attached. These are remarkably useful devices in a number of plumbing situations.

Hose Clamp Sizes

To determine the appropriate size hose clamp to use on your project, you must begin by measuring the outside diameter (O.D.) of the item which will be clamped with the fitting inside. It is fine to use millimeters or inches. When it is time to select the clamp, simply ensure the O.D. is between the minimum and maximum range of the selected hose clamp.


09 Mar 2017

The Dealer Debate for Car Repairs

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At any given moment, millions of cars are on the road. Unfortunately, with so many vehicles on the road, it’s not much of a surprise that there’s a car accident about every minute in the U.S. Cars are convenient, and they’re getting safer and smarter each year. But accidents do happen, and, like the people driving them, cars aren’t immune to damage.

If you get into an accident and you’re fortunate enough to come away with only minor injuries or none at all, then the first thing on your mind after your own health will most likely be the fate of your vehicle. Is it so damaged that the cost of repairs would outweigh the cost of purchasing a new car? Or is the damage minor enough for the car to be fixed and refurbished in a reasonable amount of time? Does the car simply need to be taken to an (more…)

07 Mar 2017

Purchasing Your First Vehicle? Keep These 2 Tips in Mind

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Buying your first car will be one of the most exciting times of your life. As you walk through the dealership and looks for cars for sale, you’ll be overcome by joy and excitement for your first car. Although buying a car is an exciting time, it’s also an extremely important part of your life and you don’t want to make any major mistakes. If you end up making a bad car buying mistake, you could end up having some serious problems in the future.

Here are a few important aspects to consider before you purchase your very first car.

Consider Used Cars

One of the most costly mistakes first-time car buyers do is purchase vehicles way out of their price range. Your first car is literally just for learning ho (more…)

04 Mar 2017

Carpet or Weatherproof? How to Choose the Best Mats for Your Car

Embroidered floor mat

With the average American spending 87 minutes in their car, customizing your interior will make that time personalized and comfortable. While choosing features such as color scheme and a dashboard setup, don’t leave floor mats behind. From installing a vinyl truck mat to selecting the perfect cutpile car carpet, your personal interior needs should be driving your decisions. When choosing the best mats for your car, you will likely need to decide between carpet and weatherproof mats. Knowing the benefit of both will aid in your selection.

Weatherproof Mats

Weatherproof car mats, which are generally available in vinyl or rubber, are for more rugged, functional needs. If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather, or if you transport dirty cargo such as building materials and p (more…)

02 Mar 2017

Choosing Transportation For Your Upcoming Wedding

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Planning a wedding requires attention and detail to many different aspects. The specific events need to be planned from the food items that will be served to the music the guests will dance to. The ceremony requires details from the flowers to the person who will officiate the wedding ceremony. Another important, yet commonly over looked aspect of the wedding is the guest transportation. Many weddings take place over multiple locations. Guests may struggle with parking or may not be able to drink and celebrate as much because of driving responsibilities. Consider these forms of transportation for your wedding.

Shuttle services

One of the biggest logistics difficulties is finding safe transportation from the reception location to the hotel accommodations. Many hotels will actually provide free shu (more…)

10 Feb 2017

6 Tips to Planning a Great Trip to Wine Country

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California has several wine regions that are fun to tour. If you are planning a trip for your friends or family to one of these areas, you may not know where to start or how to approach the planning process. Your first order of business may be to find a good wine tour transportation company to get you and your group around to the vineyards and then to your hotel safely. These can add a lot to wine tours. Here are some other tips to making your trip more special.

  1. Do not overbook yourself. You do not have to tour a ton of wineries to have a good experience on your wine tour adventure. Often, experts recommend planning to view two wineries each day. (more…)

10 Feb 2017

A Few of the Many Benefits That Come with Driving a Honda

HondaIf you’re in the market for a new vehicle, odds are you’re looking into leasing a car or just purchasing it up front. Regardless of which of those options you choose, you still need to decide what kind of car is going to be ideal for you.

Instead of choosing a car that serves one specific purpose, why not choose a car that can do it all? If you’ve never driven a Honda Civic or Honda Accord, here are just a few of the many reasons you should absolutely consider it.

Few vehicles on the market today have as much reliability in car sales as a new Honda lease. With proper maintenance, most of these engines can last well beyond 300,000 miles. Simple maintenance like regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks can go a long way when it comes to extending the life of your vehicle.

Gas Mileage
Of the many cars on the road today, Hondas are among the few that can boast amazing gas mileage. Many of these cars are hybrids, which means they can run on a mixture of gas and electrical power, thus making them much more fuel-efficient than other vehicles on the road. In addition, the hybrid features create far fewer carbon emissions and make the air safer to breathe.

Better Torque
One of the secrets to the success of hybrid cars is their ability to provide almost instant torque while not sporting a ton of horsepower. This might surprise a lot of vehicle owners, but the truth is that a hybrid engine is much more efficient than a typical gasoline-powered engine.

So Many Options
From the Accord, to the Civic, to the CRV, there are many options to choose from when you’re looking at Hondas. All of the available models just might make your head spin a little bit! In fact, Honda makes over 14 million engines annually. But don’t worry. When you’re working with a trusted salesperson at your car dealership, you should have all of the guidance you need.

Don’t let new car decisions bog you down! The choice is easy — buy a Honda and enjoy the many perks that come with driving a reliable, energy-efficient, user-friendly machine.

09 Feb 2017

Preventative Care is the Best Auto Safety Measure

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We rely on our cars for nearly everything, from the everyday commute and shopping to the adventure and excitement of travel. When your car is well maintained, you’ll hear the smooth purr as it eats up the miles on your journeys. It only takes some simple and routine maintenance to keep your car in top condition, following the auto manufacturer and tire company’s recommendations. Regular oil changes, checking your tires and topping up all liquids keep it in running in top condition.

Preventative care is the best policy
Keeping your car in good condition can be essential for keeping you and your family safe on the roads and highways. When it comes to tires, brakes and other essential systems, the best way to ensure that your car is working well is by following a regu (more…)

07 Feb 2017

3 Things to Worry About With Your Tires

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Tires. They are a quintessential part of your ride. We love our cars and we love the freedom they give us. That said, the work and money that go into them can be pretty stressful at times. The tires on our cars are things we have to think about constantly. IF we don’t maintain them we don’t have cares to take us wherever we please and need to go. Yes, they are a burden. Yes, the road will literally try to throw anything at them in attempts to mess them up. But, as long as we maintain them everything should be fine. Here are the three (necessary) headaches of maintaining solid working tires.

  1. Potholes
    Potholes, the enemy of the common driver. When we were young riders we would think it silly when our parents, siblings, and older friends would swerve just to avoid poth (more…)

06 Feb 2017