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So Many Used Cars, So Little Time

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Cars. We use them every day. Some, to get from point A to point B, others for special occasions, like weddings and even funerals. They are perhaps the number one relied-upon technology, and it certainly shows in the numbers. For instance, there are about 253 million cars on the road today. To put to scale, that is nearly 30 times the population of New York City. With that many cars in operation, it’s little wonder there are so many used cars for sale.

When a dealer posts used cars for sale, they really mean it. In 2015, United States used car sales hit record numbers, and overall sales have grown by 55% in the last five years. In total, almost 40 million used cars are sold by private sellers and dealerships every year. One could attribute the used car boom to Honda: in 2016, the Accord line sold 344,000 u (more…)

17 Apr 2017