A Few of the Many Benefits That Come with Driving a Honda

HondaIf you’re in the market for a new vehicle, odds are you’re looking into leasing a car or just purchasing it up front. Regardless of which of those options you choose, you still need to decide what kind of car is going to be ideal for you.

Instead of choosing a car that serves one specific purpose, why not choose a car that can do it all? If you’ve never driven a Honda Civic or Honda Accord, here are just a few of the many reasons you should absolutely consider it.

Few vehicles on the market today have as much reliability in car sales as a new Honda lease. With proper maintenance, most of these engines can last well beyond 300,000 miles. Simple maintenance like regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks can go a long way when it comes to extending the life of your vehicle.

Gas Mileage
Of the many cars on the road today, Hondas are among the few that can boast amazing gas mileage. Many of these cars are hybrids, which means they can run on a mixture of gas and electrical power, thus making them much more fuel-efficient than other vehicles on the road. In addition, the hybrid features create far fewer carbon emissions and make the air safer to breathe.

Better Torque
One of the secrets to the success of hybrid cars is their ability to provide almost instant torque while not sporting a ton of horsepower. This might surprise a lot of vehicle owners, but the truth is that a hybrid engine is much more efficient than a typical gasoline-powered engine.

So Many Options
From the Accord, to the Civic, to the CRV, there are many options to choose from when you’re looking at Hondas. All of the available models just might make your head spin a little bit! In fact, Honda makes over 14 million engines annually. But don’t worry. When you’re working with a trusted salesperson at your car dealership, you should have all of the guidance you need.

Don’t let new car decisions bog you down! The choice is easy — buy a Honda and enjoy the many perks that come with driving a reliable, energy-efficient, user-friendly machine.

09 Feb 2017

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30 Jan 2014

Used car dealerships in rochester ny —- FREE VIDEO



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25 Jan 2014

Charter bus rental michigan —- [VIDEO]

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19 Jan 2014

Motorcycle parts —- Free Video

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18 Jan 2014

An Interview With Greg Rice, Owner of Greg’s Custom Cycle Works in Clearwater, FL

Since 1998, Greg’s Custom Cycle Works has sold, rented, repaired, serviced, and customized motorcycles. Today we are talking to Greg about how the services offered at his facility differ from those of your typical motorcycle shop.

Hello again, Greg. Very few people are familiar with the business of running a custom motorcycle shop. Can you tell us about what that’s like?

I try to diversify my business as much as I can. I consider it like a giant pie; every slice is a different part of my business. I try to have as many slices as I can to give me diversity. A lot of shops are service and repair shops. They sell parts and accessories, and then they may sell motorcycles. A lot of shops don’t sell motorcycles, but the bigger dealerships do. That’s the basic structure of their business. What I try to do is break down my business even further into doing the custom painting, which most shops sub out to paint facilities. We offer that painting service.

I understand that customization is a huge piece of this pie that you’re talking about. What other types of custom work does your shop do?

We do custom fiberglass work and custom metal work. This is a whole other source of income, doing custom fenders, glass fenders, modifying parts, and making them really customized. Then we have manufacturing parts, which is another part of the pie, which is our production parts. So it’s stuff that’s straight forward. We have basic fittings for different applications of motorcycle sets, or straight forward parts. Then, we offer custom parts of production parts where the customer says, “Hey I like this pair of handlebars that you manufacture, but I need it six inches taller, or I need to have more of a pullback, or I need to have this other tab or map or tachometer or speedometer, or some kind of gauge mounted in this particular place, can you do that?”

Custom motorcycle work is truly far more complicated than most people realize. What would you say sets your shop apart from the others?

About 90% of all manufacturers, higher than that probably, don’t do any kind of side bars to what they produce as a manufactured part, because it’s production, it’s turnkey and go. That’s what gives us more uniqueness to our business. We have the ability to do that, where other places are not so receptive to doing that. We do custom seat modification, we take the chassis and we may weld some different tubing or round stock, or maybe cut the horns off, or make a new set of fender struts, or what have you. We can modify a seat and custom foam it, maybe put a gel pack in it, design a cover for it, and complete that task. We don’t actually sew the cover in house, but we do the frame, foam it, gel pack it, design the cover, and then I actually have an upholsterer make a cover for the unit.

It sounds like your shop has a lot to offer anyone looking for custom work. Any final thoughts on the business of motorcycle customization?

The more diversified I am, the more steady I can become as a business.

Greg’s Custom Cycle Works is located in Clearwater, FL on 1141 Court Street. Learn more about their services at http://www.gregscycles.com/, or by calling 727-461-4840.


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15 Jan 2014

Used cars oklahoma city —- Videos



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24 Dec 2013

Chartering a bus —- [YouTube Video]



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17 Dec 2013

Church buses for sale —- FREE VIDEOS



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08 Dec 2013

An Interview With Greg Ryan, General Sales Manager at Hudiburg Nissan in Oklahoma

For more than 36 years, Hudiburg Nissan, a family-owned dealership, has been providing Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities with a large selection of new and used vehicles. Greg Ryan, the General Sales Manager, talks to us about the relationship between the dealership and its customers, and how technology has strengthened that relationship in recent years.

Hello, Greg. You’ve been with Hudiburg for a while now. What do you like best about the dealership and the work that you do there?

Putting together car deals is a blast to me. Most people come in and have a trust issue with the car salesman. So I like to go in and talk with my customers, go over everything with them, and build their trust, so they can see that I am not hiding anything. It’s a great way for me to get to know people and make them a great deal! Hopefully, not only will they buy this vehicle but many more in years to come. I’ve never had to lie to sell a car! That’s never necessary, especially with this dealership being here for 36 years now. You just call people up when there are great deals and they respond, come in, and buy!

It sounds like there is a great relationship between Hudiburg Nissan and its customers. What else do you think contributes to that?

The internet has made a huge impact on our business. It’s the difference between day and night! The beauty of this technology has made us transparent in our pricing. You can go online and look for a Nissan model, and find out the incentives on it, every ounce of equipment on the vehicle, every option that is available for this model, and even my cost of this vehicle, even before you step foot in my dealership. So, there is no arm-wrestling involved anymore.

Really? That doesn’t sound like a typical car dealership tactic. Could you elaborate?

You simply come in, pick out the car that you like, we’ll sit down and show you the list price and then we’ll show you the invoice price (our price) and we’ll let you decide what is a fair price on it! Hudiburg Nissan does not hide behind numbers, we’d rather just show you upfront how easy it is to purchase. The car business has not been known as the most reputable business, so when customers have already done their homework, and then I show them the invoice, they know that I am telling them the truth. We are one of the oldest dealerships around, we’re still family-owned, we offer a fantastic service center. We have some of the most knowledgeable staff there is. We are also the only Nissan dealership with a Nissan Body Shop here in Oklahoma.

Hudiburg Nissan is located in Oklahoma City, OK on 210 E. I-240 Service Rd. Learn more about the dealership at www.hudiburgnissan.com, or by calling 405-631-7771.


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03 Dec 2013