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Towing San Jose, History and Information

Tow truck san jose

Here is some really cool information and history about the towing industry. You might share this the next time you need towing San Jose services. Your kids may even like to know how their favorite Cars character, Mater, came to be.

Ernest Holmes, Sr., of Chattanooga Tennessee invented the tow truck in 1916 when he had to pull an automobile out of creek. He had to pull the car out using six men, ropes, and blocks. Necessity is the mother of invention in this case.

Current towing equipment including that used by towing san jose services uses five different types: hook and chain; wheel lift; boom; flatbed; and the integrated model. Today, tow trucks, including those employed by towing San Jose providers are integral to accident scenes. A tow truck san jose based, can quickly remove disabled or wrecked vehicles from accident sites to increase safety.

Towing San Jose providers are usually part of the Towing and Recovery Association of America. This association was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1979 to provide information and membership benefits to tow companies, including towing San Jose companies.

The next time you need towing San Jose services, you will be able to discuss the history of towing and its professional association. It could make the experience a little less painful, because after all, who like to have to call a tow truck?

29 May 2013