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6 Tips for Buying a New or Used Car

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So you are thinking about buying a car. Maybe you want to buy a Chevrolet. It is a popular kind of car. There are more than one thousand songs that mention this kind of car. Since 1912, more than 200 million people have bought Chevys. In fact, every 6.5 seconds, someone buys a Chevy car or truck. If you want to purchase one, you may start by looking for new Chevy dealers locally.

Tips for Buying a Car:

  1. Set your budget. Take a real look at your finances. You may want to pull your own credit report to see exactly how you will look to creditors, if you are planning to take out a car loan from your bank, credit union or from one of the car dealers you talk to. Decide what you are willing and able to spend and do stick to that. This will do more than keep you from buying a car th (more…)

03 Feb 2016