Afford a used car

Useful Used Car Buying Tips For The First-Time Car Owner

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Getting a used car can be a real chore. You have all sorts of things to figure out! A good insurance plan that doesn’t put you out of house and home, yearly necessities like winter tires and check-ups to plan and, of course, basic driving habits. Don’t let figuring out your credit and choosing a good buyer get in the way of these used car buying tips. There are lots of useful things you can know before you step up to the plate and commit to your vehicle, from knowing more about the used car industry to avoiding fraud. Let’s go!

Know The Industry

Did you know nearly 40 million used cars are sold by both private sellers and dealerships every single year? That’s making even shiny new car models fall behind due to the prevalence and convenience of used cars. The average car (more…)

19 Jun 2017