Tips to Insure Your Party Bus Isn’t a Party Bust

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Imagine this, you are leaving your wedding ceremony, getting ready to head to the reception in style. Outside, there is nice white stretch limo from the limousine service ready to take you to the reception venue. One of the chauffeurs opens the door and lets your party in, you sit down and notice that the interior of this seemingly gorgeous limo is filthy. The cup holders have half finished drinks, the floor has odd stains on it and the at first seemingly clean cut chauffeurs smoking what you can only hope is a cigarette while driving. As you can imagine, this experience would probably detract from the luxury appeal of hiring from a limo rental service. While this may seem like a horror story, this actually happened to me. Below I have compiled some tips to help you choose the best party bus or limo service for your event needs.

Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

It might sound old fashioned but the most tried and true way of ensuring that receive good service is by asking friends and family for recommendations. With the advent of the internet and rating sites should be able to get a full spectrum of the kind of experience to expect from your potential limo service. Another tip is to see how long the business has been in existence. Veteran companies tend to have things more together rather than fledgling companies.

Inspect the Potential Limo Service’s Fleet

Sometimes, size does matter, especially when selecting a limo service.It is important to ask about the fleet size and how current the cars are. Smaller fleet sizes mean less options when choosing a limo. If you want the best service you will have to get off your couch. Many times pictures will not give you the full story of what you are going to receive. To ensure you know what to expect come the big day it is important to visually inspect the limo that you will be using. Any reputable limousine rental company will have no problem letting you inspect the car.

Check the Limo Service’s Safety and Make Sure They Are Insured

While having a dingy limo environment can put a big damper on your big day, getting in an accident can be hazardous to not just your mood, but your health.Safety should be your priority when choosing a limo rental service. Make sure to research the service’s safety record. Ask for proof of valid a chauffeurs license as well as proof of insurance from the company.

Riding in a limo should feel like a treat not a punishment. Just like any industry, there are companies that skimp in attempt to make the most money. On the other hand there are companies that are devoted to creating a great limousine experience. The only way to find the latter is by talking to several companies and finding the right company for you. Nobody wants to have unwanted surprises on their big day. By doing you homework, you can ensure that your party bus doesn’t end up being a party bust.

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